DIRECTIONS: The following is a description of your AP Calculus project. The project will count as a test as well as a portfolio task. Refer to the rubric as you complete the project. The rubric contains specific information as to the quantity of page enhancements required.

You will be creating a wiki page about one mathematical theorem or ideas listed below.
Once you have chosen your subject, you will be compiling a profile, researching the history, theoretical, and applicable issues, advantages and topics of concern relative to your subject. These topics are further discussed below:

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GeoGebra Video Tutorials

Watch some of our GeoGebra Video Tutorials to find out how to use GeoGebra for different mathematics topics.

Math Interactives

Video tutorials from Hippocampus:;jsessionid=4AE308BBC47098F72FA6323EC939DA5F

Midnight Tutor

Midnight Tutor posts free videos of "rocket scientists on call" solving your calculus problems. Email <> with your problem and Midnight Tutor will make a new video of it. You may also get a hint or two by return email.Covered calculus topics include:
Precalculus Review
Slope Fields and Differential Equations
Word Problems
AP Calculus Test Classic Problems
Polar Coordinates
Multi-Variable Calculus
Lagrange Multipliers
Gradient and Partial Derivatives
Complex Variables
Alasdair Trotter and George Tattersfield provide thousands of very short video lessons, recorded by dozens of different professional teachers whose methods and styles of teaching math vary widely. The diverse perspectives and "bite-size" chunks in Guaranteach's video library let viewers stay focused as they learn everything from fractions to calculus according to their own preferences.


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